About OER

Open Education Resources (OER)

The term OER (Open Educational Resources) was first defined in 2002 by UNESCO as “any type of educational materials that are in the public domain or introduced with an open license” and can “range from textbooks to curricula, syllabi, lecture notes, assignments, tests, projects, audio, video and animation.”

Why should we care about OER?


Are you concerned that OERs are too difficult or risky to use? Check out these topics on OER Mythbusting.

Copyright & Fair Use?

Looking for the UA Statement on Copyright?  Information on copyright and fair use can also be found on the UAF teaching resources site, iTeachU.

Resources for Finding & Sharing

It can be time consuming to find good open resources for your class. It can also be time consuming to evaluate costly textbooks and materials. Here are some resources for you: