Open Education @ UAF


University of Alaska Fairbanks courses at edX can be audited free or students can choose to receive a verified certificate for a small fee. Learn more and sign up for MOOCs here.

Open Online Courses

While most standard online courses at UAF eCampus are located within the Blackboard Learning Management System, some are hosted in the open and are available for students to preview prior to class. The following is a selection of some open courses that you can explore (note: not every course is offered every semester, please check the course schedule to confirm current offerings):

View current course offerings at UAF eCampus and don’t wait to register for courses!

Open Textbooks

Some instructors at UAF use freely available books and materials instead of textbooks that you have to purchase. While this is not always possible or ideal for every class, it can help to cut textbook costs.  If you are a student, before class starts, read the syllabus and/or contact your instructor and ask if textbook purchases are required.

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